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Dear TRF Customer-

Longtime readers of this newsletter will remember that Charles restored his TR5 for the last time several years ago and had it on the road for a couple of driving seasons. He was driving it by himself to a TRA national meet when he broke down and found himself stranded on the side of the DC Beltway. Charles never did carry a cell phone, so he was in a bit of pickle. Fortunately, a young Triumph enthusiast named Adrien happened to be driving by and stopped to see if he could be of any assistance. With Adrien's help, a tow company was called and Charles and the TR5 were back in Armagh by that evening. Adrien has a TR4A he has been restoring when he has the time. I believe he is in medical school, so he doesn't have a lot of time at this point in his life, but every once in a while Charles would forward me an email from Adrien with a list of parts needed and the instructions to give him a deal on the pricing. Charles never forgot a favor.

Unfortunately, Charles never found the time to get the TR5 back on the road and it was purchased from his estate by Mr. Andrew Uprichard in the fall of 2019. Andrew rebuilt the engine over the winter and he sent me some pictures a couple of weeks ago, you can take a look here. The car is now running and I'm sure Andrew will be working the bugs out and enjoying it this spring. In what I consider a cosmic twist, I had an email from Adrien the same week Andrew got the TR5 running. Adrien had just heard of Charles' death, so he sent his condolences. He was also looking for some TR4A parts. I gave him a deal on the pricing, I try to never forget a favor..


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