TRF Shipping and General Policies

For UPS Ground or Priority Mail · Orders Shipped to the 48-States
Shipping Charges Include Packing and Insurance
Order Total (Parts Total) Ground Shipping

Up to $20.00


$20.01 to $50.00


$50.01 to $75.00


$75.01 to $100.00


$100.01 to $150.00


$150.01 to $200.00


$200.01 to $300.00


$300.01 to $500.00


$500.01 to $700.00


$700.01 and Over

Free UPS Ground or Parcel Post

$1200.00 and over

Free Truck Freight
  • The Roadster Factory aims to break even on Shipping and Handling, although we rarely do so on a monthly or annual basis. We would love to charge everyone actual shipping on orders of all sizes. However, no other major vendor handles shipping in this way, and customers would therefore choose to order the small parts with low actual shipping charges from us and the larger, heavier parts from competitors who charge by a chart. Taking a pragmatic approach, therefore, TRF's shipping chart is designed to compute charges which will be competitive with those of other vendors in our market place. The basic principle is that Shipping Charges for UPS Ground and Priority Mail are determined by the Parts Total of any given order. Note that TRF offers special shipping deals from time to time, and the best way to take advantage of these is to subscribe to and read our weekly email newsletter.
  • Amounts from the shipping chart are for handling and shipping by UPS Ground service or by Priority Mail to addresses in the 48-states. TRF will choose the best method of shipment, unless a customer has a specific preference. Small packages can often ship all the way across the U.S. more quickly by Priority Mail than by UPS Ground. All orders are shipped as soon as possible after receipt, most on the same day. The Roadster Factory offers free ground shipping on orders over $700.00.
  • With UPS now accepting larger and heavier packages, the need for truck freight is much diminished. Truck freight may be required, however, for very heavy components or very large ones. In these cases, actual truck freight charges will be passed on to customers on orders valued up to $1,200.00. TRF will pay truck freight charges on orders over $1,200.00 shipped to the 48-states. Whenever truck freight is required, TRF sales will provide a price quote before shipment upon request. Free truck freight is not available on specific components such as body shells, large mechanical units, chassis frames, etc. For such shipments, TRF may provide a shipping credit up to $100.00 to help our customers with these expenses. Truck freight, like other shipping charges, is generally charged along with the parts order before shipment.
  • If it is simply not economic to ship a given order according to the policies stated here, it may be necessary to add a Shipping Surcharge. This is rare, but it can happen. It is our policy to inform customers before adding a surcharge.
  • TRF makes wooden crates to safely ship certain components such as windscreens, large mechanical units, cylinder heads, and side curtains. These crates are built economically in our wood shop, and their actual cost is passed on to customers. Note that UPS has approved our crates, and they always pay for windscreens when breakage occurs.
  • Amounts from the Shipping Chart include shipping of any backordered parts on the original order, and no shipping or handling charge will be added when a backordered part is shipped. The full amount of the shipping cost from the chart is charged at the time of the first shipment, but the parts, themselves, are not charged to credit cards until the date of actual shipment to the customer. TRF no longer charges a 2% handling fee to supply backorders.
  • Actual costs of packing materials and shipping are invoiced to customers on orders shipped to international addresses and to addresses in Alaska and Hawaii. Amounts invoiced by TRF do not include customs charges or brokerage fees required by the countries to which shipments are exported. Many international customers prefer to receive shipments by international post, and we are happy to oblige when it is possible. There are definite size and weight limits on packagers that can be shipped by parcel post, and these vary by country. Large items, such as body panels and heavy items, which are beyond weight limits, simply cannot be shipped by mail. On international orders and orders to Alaska and Hawaii valued over $1,200.00, The Roadster Factory will provide a shipping credit of up to $100.00 to help customers with shipping costs. Note that this credit might actually cover the cost of a flat-rate box.
  • UPS offers Next Day, Two-Day, Three-Day Shipping, and Saturday Delivery Options at additional charges. The Roadster Factory can provide all of these options, along with Express Mail and Commercial Air Freight to customers. Actual costs of packing materials and the amounts invoiced to TRF by the shipping companies is passed on to customers. The amounts of these costs, or at least good estimates, can be provided in advance. Customers should be aware of any backorders before committing to shipping methods which may not be inexpensive. Level II Sales Staff will be able to provide prices for the more exotic shipping methods along with information on stock levels. If the original order will include any backordered parts, the customer should specify how they should be shipped, i.e. by the same exotic method, by ground, or by some other method.
  • The Roadster Factory accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and personal or bank checks. The costs for collecting the payment for C.O.D. orders and returning it to TRF by the shipping companies are so high that we do not recommend them for use by our customers. We will ship C.O.D. orders by UPS, and UPS charges $14.50 per tag now. That seems to go up every January.
  • MORE INFORMATION: If you need more information, please call TRF's level 2 sales line at (800) 234-1104.
    9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday,
    10 a.m to 4 p.m. (Eastern Time) Saturday.

    The Roadster Factory always supplies the best parts we can find. All parts are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from invoice date, and we will replace or refund the purchase price if any item proves to be defective. We can accept no responsibility for failure of related parts or for removal and installation charges of a defective part. In no case does The Roadster Factory's liability extend beyond the purchase price of the item in question.

    All parts in stock are shipped upon receipt of an order. Any item not in stock will be backordered and supplied as quickly as possible, unless otherwise requested. TRF Sales sends emails immediately to inform customers of backorder status and if possible when the item is likely to be shipped. Charges for shipping are based on the total value of the order as indicated by the shipping chart, unless exotic methods of shipment are specified. The total shipping charge is added to the cost of the first shipment of parts, but the cost of backordered parts is not charged to credit cards until the day they are shipped to customers.

    Returns are accepted for full refunds of purchase prices, not including shipping charges, within forty-five days of invoice date. To be accepted for return, parts must be in brand-new condition and suitable for selling again to another customer. Electrical units and bearings of any type cannot be accepted for return unless they remain sealed in original packaging. A copy of the original invoice must accompany returned parts.

    Customers should check orders upon receipt for correct parts and correct quantities, as any claims must be made within ten days. TRF must be notified of damage, including concealed damage immediately, and in case of damage, all packing materials should be retained.

    We at TRF work hard to include correct pricing in all web catalogues and in all paper catalogues, but when misprints or other errors occur, we reserve the right to make corrections. Prices in paper catalogues may change without notice, but prices are kept up to date on the TRF web site. If customers have any questions regarding prices, TRF salespeople will be happy to quote current prices on the telephone.

    Our goal at The Roadster Factory is to offer a personal and friendly spare parts service to Triumph and MG sports car enthusiasts. In thirty-seven years of business, we have never encountered a problem that could not be resolved if both parties kept open minds and negotiated honestly.